“Media and Young Citizens’ Engagement in the EU”


Aim of the initiative

Young people make up around 20% of the entire population of the EU. However, they are often not well represented and their considerations are not always taken into account.

This is where the ‘Media and Young Citizens’ Engagement in the EU’ initiative steps in, as its primary aim is to get a better understanding of some of the key needs of young Europeans that have to be addressed at EU level. Within the framework of the initiative, light will be shed on several issues of crucial importance: what do young European people think about EU and the opportunities it offers? Do they feel European citizens or not? And what do they consider the EU should do for them?

In order to do so, a pan-European research is being carried out by a group of young volunteers scattered across Europe. They collect data, opinions and ideas across all the EU countries with regard to young people’s perceptions of active citizenship, the European Union and the role media plays in their everyday life.

The data is collected through the recording of video interviews and soon, through an on-line survey. The analysis of the survey data will serve as the basis for the creation of a profile for each one of the 28 Member States. These profiles will highlight the peculiarities, needs and good practices emerging at a national level. In the end, all the profiles will be assembled in an EU-wide report.

The accumulated video interviews carried out in different languages will be compiled together to edit one big made from a lot of different persons around Europe.

The final output of the initiative in the form of an overview report will be directly presented to the European Commission in order to support policy recommendations for the European Institutions on some of the key priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy.

How does it work?

  • Anyone interested in carrying out research on young Europeans’ attitudes about the society they live in can become a member.
  • We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research. To begin with, we are focusing on surveys and video interviews that are ready to be launched (please click the links to know more about them). The outputs will be data sets (subsequently translated into info-graphic maps) and a collection of videos that will be edited into a documentary.
  • All members can contribute to the research by spreading the survey among the target population in their local community (accidental sampling) and/or doing video interviews in their own language or in English. In the first case, English subtitles will be created as well.
  • Once you become a member, we will put you in touch with the other EYAG members from your country, so that you can work together.

Your commitment: 

You help us create the profile of your country facilitating the data collection in your city:

  • by stimulating friends and students to complete the on-line survey;
  • by implementing the survey in your local community and keying in the responses;
  • by conducting video interviews in your language (and then providing us with subtitles) and/or in English;
  • by connecting and cooperating with other members in your country.  

 What you get:

  • the opportunity to be actively involved in the work of a non-profit organization and to provide recommendations on EU-level projects and initiatives;
  • the possibility to participate in events and conferences and represent the views of EYAG;
  • the opportunity to collect data on questions that interest you from young people throughout the EU;
  • access to the pan-European data sets from the surveys that are conducted;
  • the possibility to develop valuable networks;
  • Your name in the final video documentary and the final EYAG report credits.

How do I get involved?

Become an EYAG member. We are looking for members from every country of the EU.

E-mail us at [email protected] with the subject “EYAG TEAM” attaching your CV and a short description of your motivations.

We will provide you with all the information needed to start this experience.